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      “The Same Pursue of Cooperation, Transition and Promotion in Wire & Cable Industry”


      Anhui wire & cable chamber celebrated its 10th anniversary by holding forum meeting in Hefei city on 23rd May. The topic of the meeting is analyzing the situation and response of wire & cable industry, discussing the cooperation, transition and promotion of cable enterprises as well as future development under the new circumstance, offering advice for a healthier development and stronger competitiveness.

      Mr. Xu Donghua, a researcher of Development Research Center of The State Council, dean of Research Institute of Machinery Industry Economic & Management, Mr. Yang Liming, chief cable expert and deputy chief engineer of State Grid Electric Power Research Institute, Mr. Zhang Liming, deputy secretary-general of Electric Cable and Wire Brach of China Electrical Equipment Industry Association, Mr. Zhang Shengli, Mr. Ye Mingzhu and Mr. Zhao Jianbing from Anhui Province Chamber of Wire and Cable, Mr. Feng Jianxin, general manager of Zhonglian Company together with Mr. Ji Wenlong and Mr. Chen Xiaofeng, the deputy general manager and sales director attended the event.

      General Manager of Zhonglian Mr. Feng Jianxin delivered an important speech with a topic The Same Pursue of Cooperation, Transition and Promotion in Wire & Cable Industry at the meeting. He said cable enterprises should unite as a group for realizing capital as well as strengthening technology communication. Meanwhile, Mr. Feng advised to improve market regulation and make the market factors being the domination of market order.  

      Besides the forum meeting there is a ceremony of Anhui Province Chamber of Wire and Cable’s 10th anniversary. It is an honoring meeting for excellent chamber members that has outstanding business performance, or participate in public welfare undertakings, or be active in chamber works. Zhonglian gained a title of Innovation Demonstration Enterprise in this event.

      The honor title is an great appreciation to Zhonglian and will definitely promote the independent innovation and research progress.
      Zhonglian will make persistent efforts and enhance competitiveness for a better and prosperous development. 

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