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      Zhonglian is Qualified for Standardization Audit of Safety Production (Level II)


      A team from Jiangsu Guoheng Safety Evaluation & Consultation Service Co., Ltd. had an audit of standardization of safety production in Zhonglian from Nov. 28th to 29th 2017.

      On Nov. 28th, the first day of audition, all advisers divided into two groups. One group had a site touring accompanied by leaders; they presented valuable suggestions on site management, electric safety as well as fire equipment inspection etc. The other group had a random inspection on basic management.

      On Nov. 29th, four advisors audited the rest basic files. Zhonglian benefited a lot from their suggestions.

      At the closing meeting on 29th, Mr. Jie Xu, the headman of audit team, announced Zhonglian is qualified for Standardization of Safety Production (Level II) and concluded all problems found in the process of audit. He presented about 118 improve suggestions. At last, Mr Jianxin Feng, General Manager of Zhonglian, highly appreciated all audit teachers and required related departments to realize a prompt improvement. Mr. Xu from local government expressed great thanks to all, confirmed the works Zhonglian had done and propose a request for improvement as well.

      The audit is a great significance to Zhonglian. It helps to achieve a more safety environment, protect the legal rights of workers as well as ensure a harmonious development of enterprise.

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