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      Zhonglian Held an Emergency Training and Fire Drill


      Zhonglian held an emergency training and fire dirll recently.

      Zhonglian invited Mr. Peng Shuangbing, the officer of fire brigade, had an emergency training on June 4th . The content included the ability of inspection and improvement for fire risk, the capacity of fighting fire at the beginning, organizing to evacuate, self education and training together with emergency functional training.

      On June 7th 8:00AM, the fire drill began when sounded a hurried alarm bell. Staff working in building 1 quickly evacuated under the guidance of security officers and gathered at the north plant door. The staff working in building 2 gathered at the east plant door and then all assembled at the south door.

      Mr.Peng Shuangbing, the officer of fire brigade, explained the general knowledge of safety and fire protection, how to fight fire, how to use extinguisher and fire hose etc. Moreover, he also had a vivid demonstration at site. The all personnel operated the extinguishers one by one. We did leant a lot from this drill, said all staff.

      This fire drill is not only helpful to learn the knowledge and the method of fighting fire, but also improve a sense of safety, the ability to reply emergency and self rescue.




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