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The Maybe-Baby Dilemma
The Boston Globe Magazine, November 22, 2009
What to do with unused embryos, a byproduct of a booming fertility business, is a question patients are rarely prepared to deal with. They have several choices: finding a research program or fellow patient to accept a donation, discarding the extra embryos, or doing absolutely nothing.Read >
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Boomers and Babies
The Boston Globe Magazine, July 26, 2009
When's the right time to start a family? For this generation, it's never too late? Read >

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Cover Back to the Tap
The Boston Globe Magazine, July 12, 2009
As they pinch pennies and pay more attention to their carbon footprint, Americans' romance with store-bought water is on the wane. But is the stuff that comes out of the faucet actually safe to drink? Read >

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